Overview of services

Rakata International provides strategic capacity development consulting services to optimise organisational performance, effectiveness and impact.

These strategic Capacity Development consulting services come in the form of advice, support, process facilitation and coaching and are provided to organisations in the private, public and non-profit sectors.

The consulting services assist:

  • Private sector organisations to heighten performance and competitiveness, and to achieve strategic goals and objectives. Please go to Private Sector to see the services provided
  • Public sector organisations to operate even more effectively and efficiently, with improved transparency and accountability. Please go to Public Sector to see the services provided


The services are catergorised as: Direction and Planning Services; Systems and Processes Services; and Talent Development Services. A summary of the service catergories are provided below:

  • Direction and Planning

    Strategic & Business Planning
    Strategy Development
    Project Design & Set-up
    Results Based Monitoring & Evaluation
    Culture Development

  • Systems and Processes

    Process Facilitation
    System & Process Development
    Competency Frameworks
    Succession Planning
    Performance Management

  • Talent Development

    Coaching & Mentoring
    Women’s Leadership & Gender
    Leadership & Management Development
    Team Development

For social sector programmes and organisations

Services which assist optimise impact for social sector programmes and organisations, are facilitated through The Impact Effect.

For services relating specifically to social sector organisations, or to the development of corporate social responsibility streams for businesses and foundations, please go to our sister site: www.theimpacteffect.org